Unlike some, we don’t hide our prices – because we’re proud to offer great value for money to our domestic and commercial clients.

But of course, without seeing your property and understanding exactly what you’re looking for, we can’t provide accurate fixed prices on the web site.

However, experience tells us that most people contacting us will require either a one or two-storey extension to their homes.

Our Typical Building Plan Prices

A single storey extension costs in the region of £500 and a two storey will be around £650. (Plus VAT)

This may vary depending on the complexity of the existing building and the proposed alterations, but for most 2-4 bedroomed properties our building plan prices are  in this range.

Compare that to the £2000+ that many of clients have been quoted by architects offering similar services and you’ll soon realise what great value we offer.

And, we’ll get the job done quicker than anyone else in the market!

We include in our low price, drawings of:

  • existing elevations (3 on a semi-detached property, 4 on a detached property)
  • exiting floor plans for each storey
  • proposed elevations
  • proposed floor plans
  • location plan

Plans are provided in hard copy as well as electronic, as required by your planning authority. Additional copies can be supplied by request.

For our commercial clients, we provide fully editable CAD files without restriction as standard!

If your property and extension is particularly complex, or has more than 2 floors (for example a loft extension), then you should expect a higher quotation, as there is more work involved.

Please note that our standard service will produce plans for planning purposes only.

If you require plans for builders to refer to, this involves considerably more work and detail and therefore will involve an additional fee, though one of our packaged services to include items required for building regulations will probably prove most economical – and will still be cheaper than the prices quoted by architects.

Out Of Hours Visits

We work to suit you, so if you’re at work during the day, we’ll arrange our visit for the evening or even at weekends at no extra charge.


Along the way, you can also expect additional costs to be incurred and you should therefore budget for things like:

  • Assistance with the planning application / building regulations – ask us for an all inclusive deal!
  • SAP calculations (Energy Performance Calculations)
  • Structural Engineer calculations for certain items

These are not included in our building plan prices, but we can obtain very competitive quotations for these as your build progresses if required.

We Can Quote You Today

For a quotation based on your property and requirements, please call Mark on 07889 989291

Please note that due to the locality of our surveyors, the building plan prices stated relate to 2-4 bedroom properties in the following areas:

Acocks Green | Bartley Green | Billesley | Birmingham | Bournbrook | Bournville |  Cotteridge | Druids Heath | Frankley |  Hall Green | Harborne | Highters Heath | Hollywood | Kings Heath | Kings Norton |Knowle | Maypole |  Selly Oak | Selly Park  Solihull | Stirchley | Tyseley | Walkers Heath | Warstock | Washwood Heath | Weoley Castle | West Heath | Wythall | Yardley | Yardley Wood as well as most areas within Warwick.

If you’d like a quotation, please use our contact form, completing all information and we’ll take a look at your property on Google Earth and provide you with a quotation today.

Need Planning?

Plans / Building Regulations

Simple service - we draw plans for submission to local authority for planning and/or building regulations consent.

Package available for plans, artist impressions & building regulations if both are required.

8 Weeks For Planning

Local authorities can (and do) take up to 8 weeks to approve or decline planning applications, so act now if you're looking to extend your home or business premises.

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