We can help with all aspects of planning permission in Solihull, Earlswood, Knowle, Redditch, Hollywood, Wythall & South Birmingham and deal with many of the Midlands’ local authority planning departments on a daily basis.

This value added service can save you huge amounts of time with your building project, as we’ll make the planning application on your behalf to the known standards required by your planning authority.

The service includes completion and submission of all forms and plans via the planning portal and acting as your planning agent, removing the often frustrating task of dealing with the local authority on your behalf.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the permission you require, but we can point you in the right direction and save you huge amounts of time and frustration.


Building Regulations

Some people, in order to save time with their building project, prefer to build their extension or property on a building notice, as this procedure does not involve passing or rejecting of plans.

It also avoids the preparation of detailed ‘full plans’, and is designed to enable some types of building work to get under way quickly, making it particularly attractive to people doing smaller scale developments, such as home extensions.

In the case of work being carried out under a building notice, your local council’s building control officers, or an independently appointed building control consultancy, will inspect the progress of your build at various stages of the development to ensure that it complies with national and local standards.

These inspections take place at pre-defined stages of the construction, for example, when footings are excavated, to ensure that they are deep enough (taking into account local geography, such as proximity of trees), when insulation is laid prior to a solid floor being laid, etc.

Building control inspections can be carried out by independent building control specialists, though in most cases, it is probably best to use the local authority, since they are the ultimate body responsible for enforcement of the regulations.

If you would like more information about building under a building notice rather than a planning application, please ask the surveyor.


Need Planning?

Plans / Building Regulations

Simple service - we draw plans for submission to local authority for planning and/or building regulations consent.

Package available for plans, artist impressions & building regulations if both are required.

8 Weeks For Planning

Local authorities can (and do) take up to 8 weeks to approve or decline planning applications, so act now if you're looking to extend your home or business premises.

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