Did you know that you may not require planning permission if you wish to extend your property?

We are often asked for extension plans, in fact,. it’s one of the most commonly requested services, but many of our clients believe that the plans are required for planning permission purposes.

This is not necessarily the case though, since many extensions fall within “permitted development rights” but many will only to houses and not flats, maisonettes or other buildings.

Permitted Development Rights can be restricted in some areas of outstanding natural beauty, or in conservation areas for example, in which case, planning permissions for extensions will still need to be sought.

In some cases, local authorities may have applied for something called an “Article 4 Direction” which removes permitted development rights.

We have had many dealings with local authority planning departments throughout the West Midlands region and we’ll be able to tell you whether or not you will require planning permission to extend your property.

In  any case, even if planning permission is not required, you will still need building regulations approval and our extension plan drawing service will help you get this, because we prepare a set of existing and proposed extension plans for you, together with a description of the works to fulfil the planning department’s requirements.

They use this during your build to ensure that your extension satisfies all of Building Control’s requirements.

In short, if you’re planning an extension to your home, we can help you with a set of professionally produced extension plans for planning permission or building regulations requirements – both if you need them!

Extension Plans Drawn

The most commonly requested service from building-plans.co.uk is for our extension plan drawings.

Because the housing market is stagnant at the moment, many people are choosing to extend their properties rather than moving house.

Most house extensions will need planning permission and getting the plans drawn for your extension is often the first part of the planning process.

This is the stage where your ideas for your property can start to materialise.

One of our experienced building surveyors will visit your property and discuss your ideas with you, pointing out any obvious difficulties with your choice of alterations. It’s better to know or anticipate these before you start spending money!

He will then measure each room in your house using a laser measure for accuracy and will sketch out the existing floor plan of each floor of the property.

He will then talk about the kind of extension you require, whether it’s a single storey, two-storey, position of windows, type of roof etc.

At this stage, he will probably make a sketch of your planned extension  and agree certain design elements that need to be incorporated.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done this kind of thing before, as our surveyors will help you make decisions regarding layout, positioning of windows, stairs, doors, etc.

Here is an example of a proposed floor plan layout for a client requiring an extension to their home:

Extension plans drawn. Call John on 07871 063829

The first step to your dream extension starts with an extension plan.

We are a small team of freelance building surveyors and can help you with all aspects of extension planning, through to completion of your project.

Call 07889 989291 for a free, no obligation discussion and quotation.

Need Planning?

Plans / Building Regulations

Simple service - we draw plans for submission to local authority for planning and/or building regulations consent.

Package available for plans, artist impressions & building regulations if both are required.

8 Weeks For Planning

Local authorities can (and do) take up to 8 weeks to approve or decline planning applications, so act now if you're looking to extend your home or business premises.

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